We have a new fresh look and a new fresh selection of bread. Welcome!

Baguette & Co

Baguette & Co. offers fresh baguettes and rolls baked in our own kitchen, salads and pastries as well as a selection of refreshing beverages and freshly brewed coffee. You can dine with us or take your order along to the office, bring it for your trip or enjoy it at home.

You can also stop in at Baguette to pick up a light meal for your meeting or even a snack for your trip, conveniently and easily on your way. Our Baguette & Co locations can be found at the Helsinki and Turku railway stations.



Baguette Helsinki
Helsinki railway station
tel. +358 40 862 2983

Mon-Fri 5.30 - 22.00
Sat 7-22
Sun 7-19 5.30 - 22.00


Baguette Turku
Turun railway station
tel. +358 40 8627513

Closed until further notice